• Paramount Theatre (map)
  • 2025 Broadway
  • Oakland, CA

Jessie Montgomery’s Banner comments on the Star Spangled Banner with an inspiration from traditional symphonic works, African-American spirituals, and the anthems of the U.S., Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Louise Farrenc’s gorgeous Third Symphony was composed in 1847, at a time when women were more seen than heard. SF Opera Adler Fellows perform Bernstein’s Songfest, a musical journey through America’s past as told through the words of 13 poets.


Jessie Montgomery

Leonard Bernstein
   with Adler Fellows

Mary Evelyn Hangley, soprano
Natalie Image, soprano

Ashley Dixon, mezzo-soprano
Chris Oglesby, tenor
SeokJong Baek, baritone
Christian Pursell, bass-baritone

Louise Farrenc
Symphony No. 3