Rhapsody No. 1 (2014)   Score   Program Notes

Written for Jessie Montgomery’s debut album, Strum: Music for Strings
Instrumentation: solo violin
Premiere: June, 2014, Jessie Montgomery, violin, Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC

Duration - 7 minutes

Cadenzas for Haydn Cello Concerto in D Major (2014)  (Currently Unavailable for Purchase)

Instrumentation: solo cello
Premiere: April 2014, Christine Lamprea with the Delphi Chamber Orchestra, New Haven, CT

Duration - Movement I., 1 minute, 20 seconds; Movement II., 30 seconds


Strum (2006; revised 2012)   Score   Program Notes

Commissioned by: Community MusicWorks; revision by the Sphinx Organization
Instrumentation: string quartet or string quintet or string orchestra
Premiere: April 2006; revision in February 2012, The Providence String Quartet; The Catalyst Quartet; Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI

Duration - 7 Minutes

Voodoo Dolls (2008)   Score    Program Notes

Commissioned by: JUMP! Dance Company of Rhode Island
Instrumentation: string quartet
Premiere: June 2008, The Providence String Quartet, The Carriage House, Providence, RI

Duration - 5 minutes

Break Away (2013)   Score     Program Notes

Commissioned by: PUBLIQuartet for the Music of Now Marathon
Instrumentation: string quartet
Premiere: February 2013, PUBLIQuartet, Symphony Space, NYC

Duration - 12 minutes

Source Code (2013)   Score     Program Notes

Commissioned by: the Isaiah Fund for New Initiatives in partnership with Symphony Space
Instrumentation: string quartet (or string orchestra)
Premiere: November 2013, The Cassatt Quartet, Symphony Space, NYC

Duration - 8 Minutes

In Color (2014)     Program Notes

Commissioned by Bob Stewart
Instrumentation: tuba and string quartet
Premiere: September 2014, PUBLIQuartet and Bob Stewart, Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, NYC

Duration - 11 minutes

Three Pieces for Violin and Cello (2018) Performance

Instrumentation: violin and cello

Duration - 11 minutes

Performed by: Ensemble Pi members; Airi Yoshioka, violin Alexis Gerlach, cello 


I Want To Go Home, African American Spiritual (2015)

Instrumentation: soprano and string orchestra (or string quintet)
Premiere: December 29, 2015; Julia Bullock and Loisaida Collaborative, Trinity Wall Street 12th Night Festival, NYC

Duration - 4 minutes

Danse Africane (2016)

Commissioned by: Young People's Chorus of New York, Transient Glory Series
Instrumentation: youth chorus, SSAA
Premiere: November 4, 2016, Young People's Chorus of New York; National Sawdust, NYC
Premiere: May 2015, Community MusicWorks Players, Southside Cultural Center, Providence, RI

Loisaida, I love you (2016)     Program Notes

Commissioned by: 5 Borough Music Festival: 5 Borough Songbook, Volume II
Instrumentation: mezzo soprano and cello
Premiere: February 11, 2017, Jennifer Johnson-Cano, mezzo; Kivie Cahn-Lipman, cello; The DiMenna Center, NYC

Duration - 5 minutes


Starburst (2012)   Rental     Program Notes

Commissioned by: the Sphinx Organization
Instrumentation: string orchestra
Premiere: September 2012, The Sphinx Virtuosi, New World Center, Miami, FL

Duration - 3 minutes

Banner (2014)   Rental     Program Notes

Commissioned by: the Sphinx Organization and the Joyce Foundation
Instrumentation: solo string quartet and string orchestra or solo string quartet with chamber orchestra (2d1.1.1.1.--
Premiere: September, 2014, New World Center, Miami, FL

Duration - 8 Minutes

Soul Force (2015) (Currently Unavailable for Performance)

Commissioned by: The Dream Unfinished, a benefit for civil rights
Instrumentation: 2222--4331--timp--4 perc--strings
Premiere: July 2015, James Blachly, conductor, Centennial Memorial Temple, NYC

8 minutes

Caught by the Wind (2016)   Rental     Program Notes

Commissioned by: The Albany Symphony, American Music Festival
Instrumentation: 2222--bass clar--4331--2 perc--strings
Premiere: July 2015, James Blachly, conductor, Centennial Memorial Temple, NYC

Duration - 10 minutes

Records from a Vanishing City (2016)   Rental     Program Notes

Commissioned by: Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Instrumentation: 1122--bass clar--2300--timp--strings
Premiere: October 27, 2016, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium, NYC

Duration - 14 minutes


Sketch (composer)

Lou Hamou-Lhdaj; short animation; NYU Tisch
Instrumentation: chamber orchestra

Homecoming (composer)

Josiah Signor and Gritty Committee; short film; NYU Tisch
Instrumentation: acoustic guitar and string orchestra

Bubble Tree (composer)

Ran Jing; short animation; NYU Tisch

Strings (2014)  (music supervisor)

Taner Jarman and Jarman Entertainment