everything band

Everything Band

with Jannina Norpoth, Gabriel Cabezas, Eleonore Oppenheim, Allison Loggins-Hull, Lynn Ligammari, Grey McMurray, Jerome Jennings

“The Everything Band is made up of musicians who are also composers and performers of varied musical styles. The music is created by experimentation/improvisation and open-ended form. We bring our individual expertise in various styles and techniques to the collective, resulting in a sound that reflects a composite of our influences.” – Jessie Montgomery

Everything band has held residency at Montclair State University, with more projects in the works. Watch this space!

Jannina Norpoth, violin; Gabriel Cabezas, cello; Eleonore Oppenheim, bass; Allison Loggins-Hull, flute; Lynn Ligammari, saxophone; Grey McMurray, guitar; Jerome Jennings, drums.