Many composers would have been wary of a commission to write a tribute to the 200th anniversary of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’...Ms. Montgomery readily accepted the challenge, writing an urgent, inventive piece titled ‘Banner’...She daringly transforms the anthem, folding it into a teaming score...to create a musical melting pot.
— New York Times
Turbulent, wildly colorful and exploding with life, “Strum” sounded like a handful of American folk melodies tossed into a strong wind, cascading and tumbling joyfully around one another.
— Washington Post

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...marks her debut as a leading composer and performer

- Maggie Molloy, Second Inversion

Recently released. Featuring  Break Away , for string quartet Available through  cdbaby

Recently released. Featuring Break Away, for string quartet Available through cdbaby


Preview of Bach/Gould Project CD

Featuring  In Color , for tuba and string quartet

Featuring In Color, for tuba and string quartet